Mandarin Senior Center Expansion Site Design (Jacksonville, Florida)

Project Summary

Hanson provided site civil engineering services as part of an expansion project for the Mandarin Senior Center on the south side of Jacksonville. The facility, built in 1990, needed additional space and parking areas due to continued growth in the area and increased attendance at the facility’s programs and events.

The 5,000-square-foot addition more than doubled the size of the facility. The senior center had seen only minor modifications or upgrades before the city funded the addition project. As the only senior center serving the growing Mandarin and Southside regions, city leaders said the facility’s capacity was becoming inadequate to accommodate area residents.

Hanson’s services involved site design, civil engineering and permitting services. The project included siting the building addition east of the center, a new one-way driveway with a drop-off area connecting a recently constructed parking lot, two Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible parking spaces adjacent to the addition, and modifications to a recently constructed stormwater management facility and stormwater collection system.

A subsequent task involved renovations to one of the older parking lots to meet current standards and included improvements to the geometry and traffic circulation while maintaining the same number of spaces.