Lonnie Miller Regional Park Ampitheater, Jacksonville, Florida

Project Summary

Hanson provided civil engineering services to plan a site layout for a new amphitheater at Lonnie C. Miller Sr. Regional Park in Jacksonville, Florida, a popular area on the northwest side of the city.

The pre-engineered, 56-by-50-foot amphitheater, on a raised platform, is used for a variety of community events to attract more users to the park. Engineering design services included a site layout for the new structure and a grassed seating area, a 200-linear-foot asphalt sidewalk that connects to an existing asphalt trail, an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant ramp that connects the new sidewalk to the amphitheater stage and two staircases on each side of the facility.

The design team carefully located the new facility because of sun angles and its proximity to existing trees and new trees being planted.