City of Springfield (Illinois) sewer garage stormwater capture and reuse

Project Summary

The city of Springfield uses 1.4 million gallons of water each year for various needs, including sewer cleaning, street sweeping and plant watering. The city enlisted Hanson for its sewer garage stormwater capture and reuse project, which entailed designing and constructing a system to filter stormwater to reduce runoff and improve stormwater quality. Hanson also designed a water reuse system as part of the stormwater collection framework, which included using a hydrodynamic separator to clean out the larger debris and oils, running the water through a filter and storing it in tanks for the city’s use. The system consists of grading the west half of the site; the addition of a bioswale and detention area; and the addition of a stormwater storage system with pretreatment, along with a package pump station for filling city sewer jetting trucks and watering vehicles. The project collects drainage from approximately 2 acres.

The project’s preliminary design package included the Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant Program’s best management practices (BMP) application, and Hanson prepared preliminary and final design packages for submittal to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The scope of services also encompassed the preparation of a stormwater pollution prevention plan for the project, in addition to operation and maintenance documents for the proposed improvements that the city could use upon the project’s completion.

The project received a 2015 Top Storm Water & Erosion Control Projects award from Storm Water Solutions magazine and was featured on the publication’s cover.