City of Peoria Willow Knolls and Allen Road Intersection Improvements

Project Summary

The intersection of Allen and Willow Knolls roads is a vital link on the north side of Peoria, Illinois. With more than 32,000 vehicles traveling through the intersection each day, this intersection was crumbling and in dire need of repair.

In 2017, the county secured federal funds for a reconstruction project, set for 2021. However, the winter of 2017 was harsh, and road crews were needed daily to repair potholes. Because two legs of the intersection were owned by Peoria County and two legs by the city of Peoria, the two agencies collaborated for a fast-track solution to reconstruct the intersection in 2018. The city and county worked together to complete the design and reconstruction in less than nine months.

Hanson completed an alternatives analysis and construction documents for the fast-paced project, as well as traffic studies, public involvement, environmental clearances and land acquisition services. The city used a modified design-build framework, and the construction team broke ground on the project less than three months after Hanson was selected to complete the design.

The city chose a signalized intersection with a mix of painted left-turn medians and barrier medians to allow for safer left-turn movements, reducing the potential for accidents. The project used various methods for pavement reconstruction — complete replacement with concrete pavement and rubblized pavement with new concrete pavement, as well as mill and overlay.

Because of the intersection’s high traffic volumes, limited alternative routes and other regional construction projects, the intersection remained partially open throughout construction.