Close coordination during land acquisition process can advance projects

The land acquisition specialists at Hanson work closely with landowners, government agencies and community organizations to gain support for projects. These projects can be initiated by electric and gas utilities, departments of transportation, municipalities and other entities that need land rights. Building relationships, communication, decision-making and negotiation are key to the success of the land acquisition specialists Hanson has on staff. These specialists must be able to interact and communicate with landowners, attorneys, engineers, surveyors, project managers, public officials, permitting specialists, special interest groups and others to properly represent the project’s developer. In fact, Hanson’s land acquisition specialists and designers often work together to bridge the communication between landowner and designer, which can expedite the project’s acceptance.

Technology also plays a crucial role in land acquisition. Geographic information systems (GIS) can help with every project, from concept to construction. For land acquisition, the title and owner information is commonly obtained from internet-accessible databases and stored for easy access in and away from the office. Hanson’s land acquisition specialists are proficient in legal documents and use Microsoft Office and online GIS products every day. If a project must meet a tight deadline, their efficient document creation, which connects GIS and legal documents, can save crucial time. Hanson’s land acquisition specialists can deliver quality products on time to clients.

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