Performance Contracting Consulting

Energy savings performance contracting is an alternative method for improving or renewing a building’s energy-consuming infrastructure while using the savings generated from the upgrades to pay for the improvements. The utility and operational savings create a self-funded project and can preserve a building owner’s capital funds while reducing the facility’s operational costs. 

Hanson has experience in directly working for facility owners who are considering a performance contract and for an energy service company (ESCO) as part of the performance contractor team. 

Hanson’s services related to performance contracts for ESCOs include:

• project development assistance
• investment grade audits
• energy modeling
• engineering design services

• commissioning
• existing building commissioning
• independent measurement and verification services
• construction administration

For building owners considering a performance contract, Hanson offers:

• pre-contract project review
• contract development assistance
• construction administration

• commissioning
• independent measurement and verification services
• post-contract performance review