Audits and Retro-Commissioning

As energy costs continue to rise, Hanson’s energy team has the experience needed to identify opportunities to make your existing buildings more efficient. Our staff includes mechanical and electrical engineers who have obtained Energy Management Professional and Certified Energy Manager certifications.

Hanson follows ASHRAE guidelines for performing audits (levels I, II and III) and can provide the appropriate audit of your facility or campus based on your project's requirements and objectives. An audit can identify facility-specific energy conservation measures (ECMs) that can reduce your electricity, natural gas and water consumption, saving your organization ongoing operational costs.

Hanson also provides commissioning and re-commissioning services for existing facilities. This process can fine-tune your facility to improve operational efficiencies. With a focus on low-cost and no-cost facility improvement measures (FIMs) and ECMs, this process builds on an audit and often identifies and corrects control-related problems that cannot be easily identified during a traditional audit. The service also can be provided under a utility company’s retro-commissioning incentive program when available.  

Hanson’s auditing and existing building commissioning services can include:

• utility and water bill analysis
• review of as-built drawings
• interviews with operations and maintenance staff
• functional performance testing
• identification of control modifications
• identification of facility upgrades

• cost-benefit/payback analysis
• post-implementation verification of savings
• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star rating verification
• development of an ongoing commissioning/monitoring-based commissioning plan