Kansas City Southern de Mexico Sanchez Yard engineering services

Project Summary

Hanson provided railway, electrical and mechanical engineering services for the expansion and upgrade of Kansas City de Mexico’s Sanchez Yard near Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The project expands the railyard’s size to approximately 550 acres, an increase of 500%.

The design includes a new, 30-track flat classification yard, designed for future conversion to a hump yard with capacity for 70 bowl tracks. Hanson also designed smaller yards and tracks for railcar mechanical facilities, customs inspection, locomotive servicing and shifted-load handling.

Hanson’s electrical engineering services included revising and expanding power service to and distribution for the facility. This service will accommodate the new buildings and expansion of high-mast lighting.

Hanson’s mechanical engineering team developed an expanded water and wastewater service for the new buildings and designed yard air for the new railway yards. The water and sewer portion of the project involved an above-ground water storage tank with fire water pump, more than 15,000 feet of fire water line, a 12,000- gallon hydropneumatic tank, a 200-gallons-per-minute package booster pump station, potable water mains and three on-site septic systems to service commercial facilities.