Coles County (Illinois) Highway Department Interstate 57 interchange feasibility study and design

Project Summary

The Coles County Highway Department, in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Transportation, retained Hanson to undertake a feasibility study for a new Interstate 57 interchange and a two-lane connecting road north of the cities of Mattoon and Charleston in Coles County. The roadway would provide a link between U.S. Route 45, Interstate 57, and Illinois Route 130.

Currently, truck traffic must exit Interstate 57 at the Illinois 16 interchange and travel through the downtown areas of Mattoon or Charleston to access the industrial park areas.  The proposed interchange and connecting road would help relieve traffic through downtown Mattoon and Charleston and improve access to quickly developing industrial areas. 

During the study process, Hanson collected data within the two-mile-wide project corridor between U.S. Route 45 and Illinois Route 130, prepared a photo mosaic, determined feasible alternatives for the improvement, and prepared a report recommending two alternatives for further study. The environmental work included a summary of the environmental resources in the project corridor and potential impacts of each alternative considered. Hanson also prepared environmental studies as part of the location study and an environmental-class-of-action determination (ECAD).

Hanson worked with the client to coordinate with local property owners and county and city officials, hold a public information meeting, and deliver presentations to local interest groups and the county board.

After the break-in access report was approved, Hanson conducted an interchange design study for the new diamond interchange with Interstate 57. The firm also completed intersection design studies for new intersections on U.S. 45 and Illinois Route 130. 

During phase two of this project, Hanson prepared design plans and services, working on three of the project’s five segments.  Two segments have been constructed, including the Interstate 57 interchange.