Hanson observing more drilled pier construction

Hanson, which has performed construction observation of thousands of drilled pier foundations, is providing this service on-site for multiple transmission line projects.

Hanson is observing pier excavations that encompass pier diameter and depth, the integrity of the pier excavation, the presence of groundwater, the use of drilling slurry and/or permanent and temporary casing and verifying the expected soil types based on the soil boring logs included in the foundation engineering and subsurface investigation report prepared for the project.

Hanson checks the reinforcement for conformance with drawings and specifications and observes the placement of the reinforcement and concrete. Additionally, Hanson observes the size and general placement and orientation of the anchor bolts in the pier projections. An individual report with numerous time-stamped details of the observed pier construction for each pier location is prepared.  Hanson also monitors the results of concrete compressive strength tests to provide releases for the structure and line installation.

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