Hanson reaches 30 years of service to natural gas transmission industry

Hanson recently achieved another milestone: 30 years of service to our natural gas transmission and utility clients. We have grown our capabilities over the years, and we now bring an expanded range of value-added services to support capacity upgrade and system renewal projects throughout the Midwest, Florida and Texas.

Our first projects were built around the firm’s early strength in geotechnical engineering. We conducted subsurface investigations to develop general geologic, seismic and potential undermining information along proposed pipeline routes. Additional projects included documenting soil characterization and engineering properties at streams, creeks and major river crossings to support our client’s pipeline expansions.

As our reputation in the industry grew, our geotechnical team became engaged by a client to investigate a mat foundation failure at a major compressor station in the Midwest. The team’s corrective measures included alternative rehabilitation methods, such as compaction grouting and micropiles, with detailed cost comparisons for each method. This effort led to foundation engineering additional compressor stations in the Chicago region.

Today, our services have expanded far beyond geotechnical engineering. Hanson offers complete program and project management capabilities, providing clients with full-service support from concept through construction.

In addition to geotechnical and structural engineering, Hanson’s capabilities include surveying, environmental studies and permitting, route selection and alternatives analysis, design layout, public process support, regulatory agency approval guidance and land/easement acquisition services.

In addition, Hanson can provide construction support services, such as roadway and railway right of way permitting, road condition monitoring and owner’s representative services. We often quip with our clients, “You don’t get what you pay for, you get what you verify.”

As environmental and regulatory requirements have become more complex, we have expanded our services to help address the challenges our clients face. To find out how Hanson can help with your next renewal or expansion project, please contact Matt Heyen at mheyen@hanson-inc.com.