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Elements of Shawn Gibbs

Shawn Gibbs, right, and her mom pose for a selfie at the Lincoln Memorial Gardens Trail Run in Springfield, Illinois.

At home in nature and the great outdoors, Shawn Gibbs chose a career in biology that brings her plenty of chances to work outside. As a biologist at Hanson’s Springfield, Illinois, headquarters since 2011, Shawn has worked on a variety of aviation, environmental and transportation projects, providing environmental assessments, permit applications, aquatic habitat and wildlife assessments, surveys for threatened and endangered species and wetlands delineations.

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology, Shawn says biology is a field that gives her endless opportunities to learn new things.

Shawn shares what she enjoys doing on and off the clock.

Favorite part of your job: I enjoy most aspects of my job, but I would have to say my favorite parts are field work and the people. With field work, I get to be outside, see interesting places and nature and be active. The people at Hanson make all the other parts of my job enjoyable and fun. Hanson employees are quick to have a laugh, smile and help each other. Being friends with the people you work with makes my day-to-day work enjoyable.

What motivates you at work: This goes back to the people at Hanson. I feel like I’m surrounded by intelligent people who are willing to teach and help me grow as a professional. When you’re surrounded by passionate people, you can’t help but be motivated and put your best effort forward.

Shawn, second from the right, plays volleyball with her boyfriend, Dan, and their friends.

Favorite leisure activity: When I’m not in the office, I love playing sports, including soccer, volleyball and running, which I do at a very slow pace so I can talk to my running friends. I also love reading and am happy to take suggestions on new books anytime.

One word that best describes you: This is hard, since it seems to change. I try to be joyful and find excitement and happiness in everything that I do.

“When you’re surrounded by passionate people, you can’t help but be motivated and put your best effort forward.”

The one food item you can never run out of: That’s tough, since I love all food. If I’m trying to eat healthy, then it’s vegetables of any kind. When I’m not trying to eat healthy, which is most of the time, it’s french fries.

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