Learn more from Benavides in latest ‘Discussions With Energy Leaders’ chat

Screenshot from Discussions With Energy Leaders shows Bill Bradford and Jeff Benavides smiling

Bill Bradford, P.E., a senior vice president and Hanson’s energy, sustainability and resiliency principal who works at the Orlando, Florida, office, talks more with Jeff Benavides, a senior adviser for the U.S. Green Building Council, in the sixth “Discussions With Energy Leaders” video.

Jeff talks about incentives for municipalities that have become available through the Inflation Reduction Act, building performance standards and benchmarking policies in USGBC’s Arc platform and clean energy programs. He also encourages our listeners to support their peers and help develop the skills of those working in this field, as well as promote the tools available.

“We have to put ourselves out there and … spread this message and also spread these action-driven tools that we have as a collective industry to move these other markets forward.”

Listen to the extended podcast version here.

Posted on August 15, 2023