Jeff Benavides talks about USGBC for ‘Discussions With Energy Leaders’

Screenshot from Discussions With Energy Leaders that shows Bill Bradford laughing with Jeff Benavides

Get an insider’s look at the U.S. Green Building Council in the fifth installment of our “Discussions With Energy Leaders” video series.

Bill Bradford, P.E., a senior vice president and Hanson’s energy, sustainability and resiliency principal who works at the Orlando, Florida, regional office, chats with Jeff Benavides, a senior adviser for the council. Jeff talks about his role for the council, which focuses on “driving performance at scale.”

He also gets into how to work with local governments on sustainability and resiliency projects. “I’ve learned that patience and meeting people where they’re at is the most important thing that our organization, USGBC, can do right now.”

Watch part I of the discussion in this video, and listen to the extended podcast version here.

Posted on July 18, 2023