RENU Communities officer talks to Bradford about decarbonization

Screenshot from Discussions With Energy Leaders that shows Bill Bradford talking to Chris Gray

Chris Gray, the chief technology officer at RENU Communities, and Bill Bradford, P.E., a senior vice president and Hanson’s energy, sustainability and resiliency principal who works at the Orlando, Florida, regional office, discussed decarbonization and other topics for Hanson’s new video series.

“When you have major players in the industry focusing on decarbonizing real estate, it becomes mainstream … and that’s what we really need,” Chris says during the conversation for “Discussions With Energy Leaders.” Bill interviews top experts and leaders in the fields of energy, sustainability and resiliency about the latest trends and key issues for this series.

RENU Communities is a Boston-based firm committed to a carbon-neutral future in the built environment by offering decarbonized energy solutions for residential and business properties across the U.S.

Watch the discussion to hear about decarbonization in the built environment, finding the most cost-effective methods to meet energy efficiency goals, solar energy and more.

Posted on March 15, 2023