Knoedler shares insights at AHR Expo

A person in front of display banners gestures as he speaks to two other people in front of tables in a convention center
Robert Knoedler talks to visitors at the Energy Management Association’s booth. Robert has been extensively involved with EMA and served as its board president.

Robert Knoedler, P.E., EMP, CxA, a vice president and an executive staff consultant who works at Hanson’s Orlando, Florida, regional office, discussed key calculations and measurements for energy use and more during the AHR Expo in Atlanta.

Dozens of people sit in rows of chairs before a presenter and a projection screen
Robert’s presentation at the AHR Expo drew dozens of attendees.

Robert delivered his presentation, “Key Performance Metrics for Energy and Facility Managers,” Feb. 6. He talked about the calculations and measurements managers need to monitor and track relating to energy demand and consumption, industry-specific energy performance indicators, asset maintenance metrics, indoor environmental quality/building comfort and greenhouse gas emissions. 

He also taught the Energy Management Association’s Energy Management Professional seminar Feb. 7–8 during the expo.

Posted on February 15, 2023