Building resiliency and sustainability into your asset management and long-range plans

Five screenshots of a software interface, with an asset selection list, map and different types of graphs

These screenshots from Decision Optimization TechnologyTM show the different asset modules, analytical components and mapping features in the software.

You know that simple maintenance on your car helps keep the engine in good condition. Just like vehicles, our roads, water systems and facilities need the same maintenance and care. With construction material costs skyrocketing, the cost of replacing infrastructure assets is steadily rising. By focusing on preventive maintenance techniques, asset owners can effectively extend the useful life of their assets by slowing the deterioration rate. Maintaining your assets today means lower repair and replacement costs tomorrow.

A large portion of carbon emissions are produced by manufacturing construction materials. Studies show that preventative maintenance methods help reduce the community’s carbon footprint. Examples of roadway preventive maintenance treatments include chip sealing, slurry sealing, cape sealing, crack sealing and microsurfacing. Using recycled and reusable materials in these projects requires less transportation and is more environmentally friendly.

When Hanson’s innovation team set out to identify challenges faced by our customers, asset management and balancing maintenance with reconstruction initiatives in capital improvement plans were reoccurring themes. Through our internal innovation program, we also recognized that our customers needed help making better, quicker and more transparent asset management decisions. We identified a method to help them achieve their goals: a decision support tool called

DOTTM helps users build resiliency into their asset management plans by reinforcing the use of preventative maintenance. By optimizing long-term pavement maintenance and rehabilitation programs, DOTTM can help customers achieve their highest returns on investments. By using DOTTM, customers can save 10% to 17% on life cycle costs and significantly improve network performance over a 10-year plan.

Through its analytical processes, DOT™ combines engineering experience and 10 years of doctorate-level research and development focused on using optimization algorithms to create multiyear, multi-constraint analyses. In addition, DOT™ can simultaneously incorporate fluctuating annual budgets, shifting strategic priorities, socio-economic factors, risk and safety considerations and cross-departmental initiatives to help its users build effective plans that support their objectives.

Long-term life cycle cost analysis within an optimized planning framework will result in more preventive maintenance treatments and a significantly reduced capital cost over time. By applying preventive maintenance strategies from a tool such as DOTTM, communities can reduce their carbon footprints and see a higher return on investment.

DOTTM is offered by Decision Optimization Technology-United States LP (DOT-US), a partnership between Hanson and Infrastructure Solutions Inc. Contact Erin Calcari at to learn more about DOTTM.

Posted on September 13, 2022