Embrace energy efficiency today and in the future

Today is Energy Efficiency Day. Hanson, along with over 500 local governments, organizations, corporations and utilities, is participating in #EEDay2019, and we hope you will join us. Energy efficiency has been referred to as the “fifth fuel.” By increasing your energy efficiency (such as by using technology to decrease energy use and avoid energy waste), you reduce the need for increased energy supply. Energy efficiency allows you to save money while reducing climate-warming pollution — you are helping make our planet a better place!

Every day, Hanson’s employee-owners strive to make the world better. That includes focusing on green initiatives at our offices and for our clients. From recycling and using recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting to reusable water bottles, sustainability is a way of office life at Hanson. It’s one part of our sustainability initiatives that also encompasses how we conduct our projects, how we support our employees in sustainability leadership and how we live our lives.

At Hanson, we are able to implement energy efficiency in the services we provide our customers and assist them with reducing energy waste, utility bills and pollution. As an example, we provide building commissioning services for clients, such as Orange County Public Schools — one of the largest school districts in the nation — and Sandy Grove Middle School in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina, the United States’ first net-positive energy, LEED® Platinum designed, leased public school that produces more energy than it consumes. We have provided energy efficiency services for numerous customers, including major hospital systems and airports, to develop energy roadmaps that improve their energy efficiency and increase the resiliency of their building systems. And we are fortunate to be working on energy efficiency projects around the world.

Please join us in celebrating Energy Efficiency Day. Learn more about the event and smarter energy use on the Energy Efficiency Day website. If you need assistance with an energy efficiency project, contact Bill Bradford, P.E., Hanson’s energy, sustainability and resiliency principal, to find out how we can help.

When we improve our energy use together, the whole world benefits. Happy Energy Efficiency Day!