Addressing issue of plastic waste will take all of us

Plastics benefit society. It is that simple. But if plastic waste is not dealt with properly, it causes environmental issues.

Plastics do not belong in our oceans, rivers or landscapes, but could you imagine not having plastics in a hospital? In your car? Your house?

Dealing with plastic waste is something we should all be concerned with today and in the future. Sometimes, we tend to blame big business for creating problems and not finding solutions. This is often not the case with plastics.

Several innovative products have entered the commodity clothing market. Recently, a major plastics manufacturer announced it has developed a fabric made from recycled plastics and cellulosic fiber. There are several brands of shoes that have models made from recycled plastics. Products such as these have taken plastics that were once destined for landfills and given them another use.

Chevron Phillips has developed a polyethylene made from recycled plastics. Other companies are working on emerging technologies to further expand the lifecycle of certain plastics.

If stakeholders want to transform the plastic economy from linear to circular, it will take all of us. It is good to know that plastics manufacturers have gotten on board to be part of the solution. It will take industry, consumers and governments to work together to make sure we change our thought processes, and it is a pivotal time to embrace proactive thinking today and in the future.

At Hanson, we keep sustainability in mind, finding ways to employ the reuse of materials, such as recycled asphalt, and save precious resources, like water. And we apply forward thinking to all our projects when dealing with environmental issues. From site drainage and wetlands permitting to wastewater treatment and landfill monitoring, we always strive to do the best for our clients and their customers.

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Posted on November 16, 2020