An aviation engineering dream leads Mendoza to Hanson internship

I came into college with a sense of uncertainty. I hadn’t found what I was passionate about yet. I knew I enjoyed my high school’s math and science classes, but I wasn’t confident choosing a major so early in my college career. I began studying general engineering, and after switching my major three times, I finally discovered that I had a passion for civil engineering.

Carlos Mendoza

Although civil engineering has many subcategories and disciplines, I had no idea civil engineers were involved in the aviation industry. Typically, the classes taught at my school revolved around bridges, roadways, buildings, etc. Nothing about airports was ever mentioned. In the summer of 2019, I was fortunate enough to land my first internship in the aviation industry. I was instantly hooked and never looked back. 

A year later, I began my first day as an intern at Hanson. I learned so much about airport planning, design and construction during my internship. I was able to contribute to large-scale projects and gain hands-on experience in the aviation industry. At the conclusion of the internship program, I accepted a full-time offer to join the Hanson aviation team in Sarasota, Florida. With one more year of schooling to go, Hanson has allowed me to keep my position as an intern and work remotely for the company until my full-time start date.

What I like most about aviation is the uniqueness of every project. While working at Hanson, I’ve been able to participate in projects including hangars, taxiways, runways and navigational aids. The aviation industry is constantly changing, which encourages engineers to keep up to date with regulations and be creative in their designs.

Working at Hanson has been an incredible experience. Hanson has an amazing company culture open to innovation and diversity, and everyone with whom I have worked has been eager to help me learn and grow as a professional. I’m excited about the future, and I look forward to joining a fantastic aviation team in Sarasota after I graduate.