Mansoor Kuhwaja

mansoor kuhwaja

Mansoor Kuhwaja joined Hanson in 2016. A vice president and senior transportation planner, he has 26 years of professional experience in the transportation industry working in three countries — Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and the United States. His clients include the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and several local governments in Florida. He has also worked on major projects with the Federal Highway Administration; the California Department of Transportation; the North Carolina Department of Transportation; the Georgia Regional Transit Authority in Atlanta, Georgia; and Triangle Transit Authority in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mansoor is well known for his expertise in the interstate access process and approval. During his tenure with FDOT, he served as one of the authors of the FDOT Interchange Handbook and provided training to government and private agencies. Currently, he is working with FDOT on a major areawide study, planning for Central Florida transportation and mobility needs for the next 50 years.

As an expert in public outreach, conflict resolution and negotiations, Mansoor has engaged leaders from all sectors, as well as the citizen community, in active communication, developing a shared vision and adeptly helping to bridge the needs between public and private. He also authored the first Intermodal Logistic Center Primer for the FDOT Freight Office.

Sindh University:
Bachelor’s degree, economics; master’s degree, economics
Mehran University: Bachelor’s degree, civil engineering
University of Kansas: Master’s degree, transportation planning/engineering