Grant Jackson, P.E.

Grant Jackson smiling while wearing a brown jacket and light-colored button-down shirt

Grant Jackson is a vice president and chief production officer at Hanson Professional Services. He has more than 30 years of experience designing and managing numerous water resources, solid waste, transportation and utility infrastructure engineering projects for public and private clients in Texas and across the United States. His solid waste expertise includes planning and interpreting geological investigations, groundwater monitoring, groundwater protection design, design of lining and leachate collection systems, stormwater management, landfill development and operation, permitting and quality control issues design, as well as construction quality assurance and quality control.

Projects on which Grant has been involved include municipal and industrial solid and hazardous waste facility design, permitting and facility construction; contaminant investigations and remedial action planning; hazardous waste chemical and petroleum release contaminant investigations/remedial action; environmental assessments/facility compliance audits; property site investigations and Phase I-IV ASTM standard environmental site assessments; wastewater and storm water system design and permitting; petroleum storage tank and oil/gas investigations, design, permitting and risk assessment; and indoor air-quality investigations.

In addition to his engineering experience, Grant has more than two decades of firm-wide operations experience, including supervising accounting, human relations resource management and internal operations, as well as conducting and reviewing industry benchmarking and key performance indicators.

Professional Engineer (civil and environmental):
Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Saskatchewan

National Council of Examiners Engineering & Surveying

Texas A&M University: Bachelor’s degree, civil engineering