Corporate Sustainability

Sustainable resources are replenishable and require no artificial inputs. They can be used, broken down and reused.

As employee-owners at Hanson, we understand that the choices we make today affect tomorrow’s world. And we’re committed to promoting resilience through sustainable practices and stewardship of our environment. We consider sustainability in our company’s practices, our employees’ involvement and each project our company undertakes.

At Hanson, our sustainability initiatives comprise four aspects:

  • how we conduct our projects
  • what we do in our offices
  • how we support our employees in sustainability leadership and organizations
  • how we live our lives

When Hanson initiates a facilities- or building-related project, our registered engineers, LEED® professionals and certified commissioning agents can evaluate sustainability opportunities and bring this value to our clients and the community. These projects might incorporate energy audits and road maps; water conservation; renewable energy, including geothermal and solar; and daylight harvesting.

When Hanson initiates a civil engineering project, we make an effort to step back and determine the opportunity for sustainability. Sometimes this involves a unique project approach; other times it relates to community involvement or building materials. Hanson is a charter member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. This organization provides guidelines for creating sustainable natural infrastructure; it also provides and certifies individuals using Envision, a rating system for sustainable infrastructure.

Hanson’s office sustainability goals include those related to energy efficiency and recycling, as well as the communities where we are located. Most of these goals have been established by employee task forces and supported by corporate managers. Examples include energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, solar panels to provide renewable electrical power, recycling of paper and use of recycled paper, recycling of cans and plastics, composting of food and other items, as well as using sustainable techniques for landscaping.

Our support of professional sustainability organizations and our employees includes Hanson’s corporate membership in the U.S. Green Building Council, which is responsible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and accreditation. Hanson has many LEED-accredited professionals working across engineering disciplines, including project management and mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering.

We realize these efforts are just a start and that technology, processes and sources for sustainability are evolving. Sustainability and stewardship of our environment are ongoing pursuits at Hanson, and our commitment will advance our mission to assess and design facilities and civil engineering projects that improve our world.