Wireless Communications & Land Mobile Radio
Wireless Communications & Land Mobile Radio

Hanson helps clients around the world execute their wireless communications, land mobile radio and other telecommunications system projects from concept to completion. We apply our hands-on approach to a variety of telecommunications projects, from developing wireless communications to upgrading 9-1-1 radio systems serving your neighborhood. And because we’re dedicated to your success, you keep coming back.

We’re confident planning and designing your facilities no matter where they are, and our experienced personnel are accustomed to working with diverse cultures around the world. Designing communications facilities, including broadband networks, switching centers and cellular land mobile radio systems, we have served clients worldwide.  Highlights include:

  • Ericsson — cell site modification program
  • AT&T — switching centers, fiber transport and wireless communications facilities
  • Nortel and other clients — high-speed switching/data centers
  • INFOMART — telecommunications hotel conversions
  • Motorola — wireless communications sites
  • ABB Services — data center facilities assessments program, 125 sites nationwide
  • U.S. military — military base communications systems and facilities
  • Commercial and residential clients — international commercial and residential development communications systems

To learn more about our broadband, wireless communications, land mobile radio, and technological capabilities, please visit our online portfolio for images and information on projects we’ve completed.