Power Delivery
Power Delivery

At Hanson, we understand your complicated and diverse power delivery project needs. Our team of engineers, planners, scientists and specialists can offer a full complement of support for a wide range of project goals.

In the past several years, Hanson has worked with our clients to complete numerous transmission and distribution projects. Services have included geotechnical investigations and foundation designs for more than a thousand transmission/distribution line structures and five major river crossings. Hanson has performed construction quality assurance, geotechnical investigations and recommendations and environmental permitting services on those projects and dozens of substations. Additionally, Hanson has provided surveying, land acquisition, route selection assistance, environmental studies and road monitoring to support our clients during project development, design and construction.

At Hanson, we assess project risk and work with each client, with a focus on safety while keeping the project’s budget in mind. Our ability to do so comes as a result of more than 60 years of experience with soil-structure interaction analysis by our geotechnical and structural engineers. Hanson’s services include peer review of completed designs. These reviews often result in significant cost savings for our clients, evidenced by one such review that realized a savings of 10,000 pounds of reinforcing steel in a single drilled pier foundation. Since our founding in 1954, we have regarded engineering and scientific services as much more than applications of technology. We work with our clients to design unique solutions to unique project challenges. With offices across the U.S., we draw on our resources, expertise and experience from around the country to offer your projects the attention and customization they need.

Our power delivery services include: 

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