Telecommunications & Navigation Systems
Telecommunications & Navigation Systems

Whatever the challenge, Hanson has the ability to design telecommunications facilities that meet your needs. Unique logistical challenges come with this job; remote locations with no infrastructure or electrical power, extreme climatic conditions and strict security requirements are just a few. 

Highlights of our experience designing communications and navigational systems include:

  • International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) — broadcast facilities worldwide and technical operations center, Washington, D.C.
  • U.S. Air Force — perimeter security system, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan
  • NATO — microwave communications network, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • U.S. Navy — base communications facilities, Camp Lemonier military base, Djibouti, Africa
  • Digital broadcast station, Mount Barrigada, Guam
  • U.S. Coast Guard — Long-Range Navigation (LORAN-C) sites facilities, Alaska and continental United States
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — Ports Authority LORAN-C program, Saudi Arabia
  • United Nations Multi-National Forces and Observers (MFO) — microwave radio network, Sinai, Egypt
  • USAID — telecommunications system rehabilitation, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Ministry of Defense and Aviation — air defense command and control communications system, Venezuela
  • NATO — mobil war communications headquarters, Denmark
  • Boeing Corp. — Peace Shield Program, air defense command and control communications system, Saudi Arabia
  • Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Division — air traffic control system, Saudi Arabia
  • GTE-Government Systems’ Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System — United States Air Force, Hanscom Air Force Base Electronic Systems Division
  • Pac-Arab Oil Refining Co. (PARCO) — pipeline control communications system, Pakistan
  • U.S. Air Force — Territorial Command Network (TCN), Spain
  • U.S. Air Force — Dye-1 and Dye-4 radar facilities upgrade, Greenland
  • U.S. Navy — Pacific Division/National Science Foundation, base facilities, Antarctica

Hanson also performs facility assessments and systems evaluations for telecommunications and navigation systems. Our facility audit specialists survey and document existing conditions for building systems. We develop an assessment report that includes building systems evaluations, upgrades, expansion capabilities and budget details.

Depending on the project requirements, the typical site evaluation may include the following:

  • building and existing infrastructure conditions
  • computational fluid dynamics analyses of existing data centers
  • energy audits
  • expansion capabilities
  • gap analyses
  • options and cost estimates
  • recommendations for upgrading to intended future use
  • reliability and single-point-of-failure studies
  • space assessments
  • structural capability
  • system capacity assessments
  • systems inventory

To learn more about our communications and navigational system capabilities, please visit our online portfolio to see images and information on projects we’ve completed.

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