Power Generation
Power Generation

Hanson uses a hands-on approach to working with energy providers and power-generation companies. We work with our clients to support the design and construction of their plants and facilities. Our clients include power-generation companies, utilities, manufacturers and businesses and industries that provide electricity, gas, water and power to their customers worldwide. 

From Qatar to Nigeria and Russia to Chile, Hanson has performed critical settlement analysis regarding soil-structure interaction for liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks, providing foundation recommendations and improvements both prior to and during construction.

In addition to services for LNG and coal-fired power plants, NQA-1 requirements are not foreign to us. Our experience includes:

  • subsurface investigations
  • geotechnical and environmental analyses
  • hydraulic studies
  • water supply alternatives analyses
  • water storage and distribution
  • environmental studies and remediation
  • groundwater quality evaluations
  • groundwater flow modeling
  • contaminant transport modeling
  • solid waste disposal facilities (CCB)
  • FGD sludge (gypsum) wet stacking
  • dam and levee design, monitoring and assessments
  • structural and civil infrastructure
  • design and permitting
  • plans and specifications
  • construction management

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