Broadcasting Radio & TV
Broadcasting Radio & TV

Hanson offers design, construction and program management services to support a wide variety of telecommunications and electronic systems and facilities. Around the world and across the United States, we provide technical solutions to meet our clients’ telecommunications and technological needs.

Our engineering planning, design and construction management services in support of telecommunications systems extends to commercial clients that include network carriers, broadcasting companies and wireless service providers. We have completed projects worldwide for radio and television broadcasting companies, including the Metropolitan Television Alliance, Voice of America/International Broadcasting Bureau, Clear Channel Radio-broadcast, Adventist World Radio, Univision, PBS and others.

The telecommunications and electronic systems we serve include:

  • broadband networks
  • digital television and radio broadcast facilities
  • high-frequency radio
  • ground-to-air UHF and VHF radio
  • line-of-sight microwave radio systems
  • network operation centers
  • radio navigational systems
  • satellite transmitter and receive ground stations
  • short-wave and medium-wave broadcast radio
  • wireless communications

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